There stand’s a broken tree,

with it’s life cut out before it’s


Upon it a broken man, hangs

by the nail’s in His feet,and

His hands.

Stabbed with a spear making the 

water of His life appear.

With the last gasp of breath

His life was taken in pain upon 

A hill called Calvary,. He gave His 

all for us to be safe and set free.


As I looked up into your glorious blue sky, I saw the Lord riding on the wind.

As I looked I saw the Lord riding on the oceans of my heart.

I believe that I shall see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the Living (Psalm 27:13)

Listen!! I hear the sound of loud music from the Heavens where the Lord reigns.

Look!! I saw the Lord riding with His angel’s on horse’s coming to bring a new day!

Wait!! For the Lord be strong and let your heart take charge, Yea! Wait for the Lord(Psalm 27:14)

Word’s by: Our Lord Jesus Christ

Written by: Leonora Kauwe

Inspired by:The Holy Spirit Of Yahweh

June 17,2010

✝”Follow Me”✝


Follow me,I will bring you through the raging sea’s,a be able you to walk on water.

Follow me,to the highest mountain peaks, I will be the stairway to the top as you climb.

Follow me,and I will give you wing’s of eagles,to soar the mountain tops and deep blue sea’s.

Follow me, I will carry you through the darkest pathways of your life.

Follow me, I am the Salvation that brings you everlasting life.

August 30,2010

⛅Where Am I⛅


Where am I, if not with you, Am I wondering the neverending universe,looking for the one true to my soul.,So we can become one? Where am I, if not with you, Am I searching the inner most depths of the oceans, for your peace and finding it within my heart?  Where am I, if not with you, In my mind,In my heart, In my soul there you will be forever more

    🔯My Awesome Miraculous God🔯

    As I looked up to the darkest night sky,I see a multitude of star’s suspended from up high. Bringing amazement to my mind. Thinking and Wondering what name’s you might have and if by any chance would you know mine. My Lord with His Wondrous and Spectacular mind. My Awesome Miraculous God.If only I could touch you and feel your Strength and Brightness seen through those star’s.

    ☸A Potter’s Wheel☸

    There sits upon a Potter’s Wheel

    a ball with no shape or  purpose.

    For it’s just a ball of clay.

    Waiting for the Potter’s hand to

    shape into God’s Awesome plan.

    Upon the wheel it spins and spins.

    Then starts to take shape within.

    With time and care of the Potter’s

    hand it becomes special in His plan.

    Now into the fire it goes

    where God prepares it for the world.

    No one will be the same.

    In it’s time when all is done,

    The Potter turn’s down the flame.

    Slowly opening the door to

    see what lie’s within.

    He then brings out a magnificent

    Creation that God has set

    before him.