God Is…

God is the one true creator of man and life. He created the world and life in six day’s. Resting on the seventh to enjoy His creation. 

Then evil came to share the fruit of life and death with man and his help. They were cast out of the Garden of Grace and safety that the creator made. 

Now in the world they bring life into being from women, flesh of flesh. Evil then came upon men again bringing, jealousy and death.

 Where brother hates brother, unto killing him and ending his life, bringing the sin of death to light. 

His people become prisoner’s of Pharaoh,then released from captivity by God. Wandering for fourty year’s under the the covering of God they were safe. Rejecting the one True God they fall and He leaves them to their faith. 

A Son He sends to save them and all creation. Giving His life that man may live. Whom we now wait to come and take back all that He has made.

Yeshua Is…

Yeshua is not about religion, or god’s. Yeshua is about, Salvation of our soul’s.

Yeshua is the one and only Savior and Son of Yahweh. Yeshua is the Light to come upon a dark world. 

Yeshua is Lord of Lord’s, King of King’s, Prince of Peace, Good Shepherd, Wonderful Counselor, Redeemer, Corner Stone, Bread of Life, Servent, Messiah, Lamb of God, Emmanuel, Deliverer, Friend, Holy, Jesus, The Word of Yahweh, Hope, Grace, Mercy, and LOVE.

Why The Bible

Why did Yahweh give us The Bible, His written word? To find our way to Him. Yahweh put His book of Knowledge and Life together in such a way He could talk to His creation man (Adam) and woman (Eve). After the fall in the garden flesh needed the written word of Yahweh to follow the right path in life through the Knowledge and experiences of other’s.

In the beginning we are told of the creation of all thing’s, and all thing’s were Beautiful, Man and Woman in existence with the animal’s and nature. Yahweh’s self image was Adam (Man). Then man became so disconnected with Yahweh, He became sad that the only thing to do was to distribute that which He created, Saving a few humble people, Yahweh flooded the world and distorted His creation. Leaving those in the ark, the privilege of replenishing the world. Now look what we did to it.